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Naruto Porn Story: Hyuga

Naruto Porn Story: Hyuga

– I beg you … – Neiji buried his forehead into the floor. – Hinata-sama. Sorry. I am … my father … I was not supposed to.

– Neiji-NII-san? – Hinata sat down next to him. – Please, get up. You do not apologize for that.

– Hinata. I have to, you know? I might kill you then.

With these words he raised his eyes to her. The girl was shocked. Her pupil trembled and shifted to one side: she thought the exam chuunina …

– Hinata-sama … please forgive me. – He again touched the head of sex.

– Neiji-NII-san … – the girl gave him her hand. – Neiji-SRI-san …

He did not dare to rise. Then Hinata lifted his face to chin:

– Look at me.

Neiji feel the vibration of his pupil, beating the veins on his neck. But he could not look away from those huge gray eyes. Just like him, but still others: understanding, compassion and caring.

– X. … Hinata … she ….

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