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Naruto Porn Story: birds and bees: anko style

Naruto Porn Story: birds and bees: anko style

“Give me you damn brat!” Her voice yelled out. The voice belong to none other then Mitarashi Anko. A violet haired beauty who wore a brown open trench coat that was worn over but not covering her fish-net top and short brown skirt. Currently, she was stuck in an epic battle. Her opponent was strong and stubborn just like she was, but that didn’t mean he would win!

“No!” The boy replied as he furiously dodged her swipes and kicks. His eyes widened when she summoned snakes to chase after him. She like him had signed the contract for a specific animal. While he could had used the time to bring out his own summons Anko would have on him like white on rice before he could continue to flee. He was glad he was out in the forest… otherwise he would have been caught a long time ago.

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