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Naruto Porn Story: Rain

Naruto Porn Story: Rain

Ino was feeling really cranky. Not only her holiday had been ruined by a harsh rain out of season, but also her hair was suffering. Besides making it lose everything remotely resembling the shape it was combed to in the morning, humidity increased its possibilities to split on the ends, even if every fashion magazine Ino had read said the splitting was caused by dryness.

As if all of that wasn’t enough, Ino’s father had taken advantage of her and asked her to remain behind the flower shop’s counter while he took a nap.

Fortunately, there hadn’t been any costumer in sight and, judging by the weather, there wouldn’t be in any time soon. Thus, Ino made several divisions of her hair and covered the tips with a special protective oil and chunks of tinfoil. The instructions on the box said the tinfoil had to be kept on for an hour, but not for longer than an hour and a half or the hair would be damaged. To prevent any problems of this nature, Ino set an alarm-clock.

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